Uber Camera Flash Modifier : Little White Foamy Thing

Evolution of the original and still excellent: Little Black Foamie Thing, that I first found on the excellent: Neil van-Niekerk website... this incarnation in White has one distinct advantage... it, itself, can bounce light forward when there is no surface to bounce off, and you don't want to go direct flash.
My Nikon flashes have a tiny, but effective, bounce card within their unit.  It works well but if I want a little more control it's a tad limited.
Having used the LBFT for a while I saw the white foam and.. in a flash bulb moment.. the Little White Foamy Thing evolved...
By making the foamy thing rectangular I can switch it around to create a snoot'ish shaper.  not something I do too often however it's effective and useful from time to time: when you need it.
For the majority of the time I use it as I use the LBFT.. to shield the subject from stray light and force the light to bounce off something to the side or behind me.  Having the ability to use it as a larger bounce card works a treat, when I need it.
In the last image I've folded it back on itself again to keep it discreet.
Of all my light shaping modifiers this is the one I use the most and by far the cheapest: an A3 white foam sheet from a craft store & a pack of hair bands, £3 tops; with enough for two or three speed lights.
Most home made creations start as a good idea however once made just don't work as you'd hope or look so Heath Robinson that you just wouldn't use them in public for the embarrassment factor.
The Little Foamy Things work great and are so discreet I use them all the time.
If you want one little flash or speed light accessory / modifier that really works & will make a big* difference to your portrait photography, especially, this is the one to use. 
*obviously the creative element is between your ears and how you get funky with this little foamy tool is where the difference will be seen.
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