Destination Weddings, some photography info to help avoid issues.

Destination weddings are, for some couples, the ideal way to tie the knot.  An idyllic sun kissed paradise island or snow lodge in a rustic location.  Everyone has their ideal vision of their perfect day.

Most go without a problem, however some have a few issues centring around their photography.  Specifically: what they thought they were booking and the gap between expectations and what was delivered.

I've written a two page PDF that I hope addresses the concerns most couples have raised with me about their destination wedding issues.  My PDF, I hope, will help you prevent their experiences.  You'll be able to clarify prior to booking the number one issue as reported to me.

It's free and details digital image quality issue ( the number one complaint ) plus a few other areas that occasionally cause couples a little honeymoon headache they could do without.

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