Last, ever, shot from my trusty D700...

Possibly the most hilarious photo I've ever taken..
Somehow my D700 knew it was heading for the great duck pond in the garden and fired off it's last ever shot... before the terminal dunking done for it.. good and proper..
I followed it in too.. much mirth.. especially by me.. you don't have any dignity at this point so seeing the funny side is the only option.
After extracting myself from the pond.. the first thing I did was to power off the cameras, yes.. two cameras, 5 lenses and a couple of flashes completed the expensive splashdown..
It's not quite comparable to a NASA splashdown budget.. somewhere between 5 Lotto balls & 5 plus the bonus... ..remove all batteries and remove the memory cards.. another reason you don't skimp on cheap memory.. all photos were present and correct..
The assembled wedding party, were concerned... for me and my kit.. and the photos.. I was fine, a bit bruised, cut and definitely dripping.. but fine, much of the kit though, was toast.
What happened next?  I asked the group to continue to the balcony whilst I quickly changed and grabbed my backup kit.. first time used for real.. I continued to capture the few remaining events and scenes of the day then took my wet kit home where I now await the insurance assessors verdict... today..
Moral of the story is... be prepared, as accidents happen to us all.. 
Ask what backup contingencies does your photographer have.. if the kit he / she is holding is totalled?

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