Quite possibly the finest wedding albums available...

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Quite possibly the finest wedding albums available. Elegant, luxurious and hand crafted in Italy these prestigious albums epitomise Italian style and design. 
Bound in sumptuous materials they create the most perfect presentation choice for couples who's desire it is for something more than an nice, well crafted wedding album... a piece of art, something that is so visually appealing you'll pause to and admire it before turning the cover and reliving the moments and emotions that are forever captured in the pages it binds... your fabulous wedding photographs.
Singapore - continuous cover in glitter fabric, available in black or silver with double ribbons in pearl grey and satin white.. photo is laminated on to plexiglass.
SanRemo - Continuous cover in fabric of roses in relief, white, cream, pearl grey or black... a photo is laminated onto plexiglass and presented under a metal frame...
Shanghai - Sequin fabric and metal frame with photo laminated on to plexiglass.. available in silver or copper..
Bremen - continuous reptile print eco-leather available in white & silver, ochre & gold also black & silver (shown here) Each has a metal band polished silver, gold and as shown satin silver.. a photo is presented under plexiglass.. very modern and looks and feels fantastic..
Atlantic City - continuous cover, shown here in cream with damask print leather, other leathers available: brown with ostrich print, black, bronze and grey damask prints..

Large photo presented under plaxiglass a contemporary look hand crafted in Italy.
Five fabulous albumends... hundreds more albums and options for you to choose from.. arrange an appointment and we can arrange a time and date for a personal viewing.

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