Shout it from the rooftops & hang them on your walls...

A new set of sample wall presentation: Aluminium, Acrylic, Prints, PVC, Canvas and a box framed print of a pooch.

The number one thing people don't know, when they call to book a photo session.... is how they want their photos presenting.  So, I've just ordered these samples, of my favorite and most requested presentation choices... 

I'll bring them with me and you can make an informed choice, to suit your photos and space.

My favourite: Aluminescent.. high quality print on a sliver of aluminium.  It floats off the wall and the metal surface makes colours and contrasts pop.  Ideal for vibrant or black & white photos.

Detail of the Aluminescent presentation

Aluminium Box Framed HD Acrylic... too much is just enough. 

Detail of the aluminium box frame

Even the bits you won't see, look good... which is nice to know.

Pooch in a Box Framed Print

Detail of the wooden box frame

HD Acrylic, quality print under quality thick acrylic...

Pro Canvas, quality print on a high quality professionally crafted wooden frame.

The image blow details the texture of the canvas

Quality print on a PVC backing.  It floats off the wall and is both rigid and flat.  A very modern look that will sit well in any room.

As ever, more information can be found on my website

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