Elegant and luxurious wedding albums.. all the way from Italy.

I'm always looking to add quality to the presentation options I can offer and when I saw these albums from Italy, not the regular Italian wedding album supplier (who's albums are very good) but another one who's albums just seemed so bespoke and personal... well, I just had to order myself a sample album.

Mine is a 14x14" which is looks fantastic, though your really need to see and hold it to appreciate the craftsmanship, care and dedication that has been placed in to it's creation.

This cover is a deep set  photo under an acrylic center piece.

A page marker ribbon and detail of the textured spine

Square... I'm very much liking square albums, though Landscape & Portrait are available.

Even the back of the album looks and feels fabulous.

The large print area, near seam free, offers an excellent presentation space for bold, large panoramic prints.  It enhances your favourite photos giving them a real power and presence.

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