Fine Art Wedding Album

latest demo album, I'm always adding new wedding albums.. however this one I was particularly interested in creating.
The cover is slate Macrosuede with a photo under a thick acrylic cover.  Acrylic covers are very popular and I'm a big fan of the Macrosuede and it's nice soft texture.
However for me this album was all about the paper.  It's a Matte Fine Art Paper that provides a very elegant surface for your wedding photos.  It looks superb, obviously you can't tell by a digital image on a screen... you need to see it for real, in print.

The paper provides black and white photos with an excellent dynamic range which ensures details are not lost in shadow or blown out in bright areas.

It also means colours are vibrant, rich and coupled with the Matte surface don't reflect a sheen as can sometimes be seen on Lustre and especially Gloss / Metallic papers.
The Matte Fine Art Paper may not be for everyone though that choice is for you to make.  I just want you to be able to choose the album that you want and make it perfect for you.

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