Elegant square wedding album bundle

A seven wedding album bundle, just received these and will be delivering them this evening...

They are the first square set i've ordered and i really like them...

One main 12x12 album

2 8x8 parent albums

4 5x5 gift albums.. or for you to do as you like...

all are duplicates of each other...

all have near seam free real photographic paper.. so print edge to edge...

all have a small acrylic covered photo on album cover.. which looks great..

all have semi-rigid photographic paper... lustre in finish

the edge to edge printing enables me to be creative with my page layouts...

which means... you get to receive an album that is individually designed around your wedding photographs and your wedding... never two wedding albums the same.

details of the seven wedding album promotion is available via the link below.


Guisborough & Rushpool Hall Wedding Photos - Paul & Joyce.

A small selection of photos from Paul & Joyce's wedding at St Paulinus in Guisborough and a very relaxed and happy wedding reception at Rushpool Hall.

Paul and Joyce arrive in an, immaculate as always, wedding car by Cleveland Classics



a little urbex: darkness and light.

Some images from a ruined hospital I think it was.  Built before the war, blast walls are the view from many windows... very therapeutic..

In to the admin'ish area, maybe.

A seat with a view

Missed a bit

A sanitary tale, delightful.


Blast wall

Ever feel like the walls are closing in? Wide angle, awesomeness

In the darkness... pitch black and crunchy, big inflatable dingy in here.. go figure

burnt and peeling

Darkness and freaking pigeons!!!

Ded end... actually the only corridor leading anywhere..

The fire started here


between floors, and more inspired artwork...

Shaft, canyadigit