Warm and sunny, fun pre-wedding photo shoot at the beach...


A warm, if a little windy, fun little pre-wedding photo session at the beach... not long now for Jade & Matthew... getting married at Crathorne Hall.

Loved the wellies... tide was in so we didn't get to do some of the reflective wet-sand shots I like.. though the smell of fish and chips was never too far away... mmmm fish and chips..
The pre-wedding photo session is not just about photos.. we'll discuss your schedule, so we all know where and when to be.. also your group photos: what selection you've made... 

I provide a list of 12 and you can use that as a starting point to add and remove as you like... remember though the more you add, the longer ti takes.  I recommend just the essential group photos and we can get more as the day progresses.

Also decided at the PWS is your final wedding album choice, as I had several new album since we first met, Jade and Matthew were able to choose their original album and view my uber.. 7 album, exclusive bundle promotion... scan the code below... the choice is all theirs.

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