George and Sarah - Grinkle Park Wedding

A very happy, smiling and laughing George and Sarah get married... St Marys church in Nunthorpe and on to, one of my favourite venues, Grinkle Park.

George & Sarah - More Wedding Photos - click here

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Lisa and Adams Whitworth Hall Wedding

Lisa and Adam's wedding and foray in to the Deer Park for some photos.  She didn't step on his toes... just looked at the sun sparkle off her shoes....

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ARC - Strictly Weddings - Thursday 6th Sept.

A Diamond Events wedding showcase... pop along to browse through some albums.  No hard sell from me.

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Robin Hoods Bay Wedding - Conrad & Sara

A fun wedding with Conrad and Sara, the wedding starts when the bride arrives.  So a nice little stroll through the very picturesque seaside village of Robin Hoods Bay to the old church in the Swell for me the bride and her party was a good excuse for some shots along the way... 2 little posed shots the rest as natural as they happened.

Even the posed are very relaxed... as I like wedding photography to be....

The cool sea breeze was a nice change from the burning sun and the smiles and delight on peoples faces as they walked through the streets was superb... 

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Sporting Lodge Wedding - Eve & Alan

In to every life a little rain must fall.... hmmm always on a wedding day!  As the ceremony ends and the photos begin... still all adds to the fun.

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