Gemma and Callum's Rockliffe Hall Wedding

Long in the planning, as most weddings are, Callum & Gemma's wedding day arrived and Rockliffe Hall was presented and prepared with their theme: colours, design and style.. it all looked very elegant.

I never over pose couples. Every wedding is unique and should reflect the couple themselves, not a pre-conceived formulaic set of poses, I'll just ask couples to: take a seat, lean, walk or stand and be themselves: as natural, real and as it happens with just little hints of direction if needed.  I think it makes for the best photos.

On arrival I had a look around Rockliffe Hall and the grounds again, I noted the long grass and visions of Gladiator came to mind.  I had a walk through, to see how soft the ground was: not at all.  So I mentioned it Gemma & Callum and asked if they fancied a little walk through the long grass.... they were keen.  So I let them walk off and do their thing, I framed the shots from distance.

Rockliffe Halls main banqueting suite is possibly the best I've photographed in, for the speeches its bright and airy, so no need for flash.. which is perfect and on the evening the lighting can be captured, with tweaks to my camera settings, to show the emotions and feel of the first dance and the wedding celebration as it really happened.

I'd wanted to get a photo of Callum & Gemma outside Rockliffe Hall at night, unfortunately the summer rain didn't play ball.... it didn't stop me taking a photo of Rockliffe Hall itself.

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