Sunlight, shadows and shapes: street photography

I happened to visit Gateshead, Newcastle and Durham 5th April 2012 for a little time off from, work.  I took my tools with me.. well my old trusty Fuji S5.  It's nice to take it for a walk sometimes :-)

As it happens, the BALTIC is 10 years old.  I do like it as an art venue.  Though, too often, find the work on display a little too.... niche....  Yesterday was no exception.  I do wish they'd show something with more appeal: Banksy, Beryl Cook... less Turner Prize and more turn up and view.

Anyway... suffice to say, yet again I found the venue more inspiring than the art on display.  The image above is looking out to the entrance doors, I just loved the reflections and shadow.

And the image below was taken on the stairs and through glass across to the far side of the building.  I didn't take one down the stairwell... I do like that shot, but not today.

Some office blocks near ST James' Park, I fluked good light.. or at least, light I liked.

The image above I spotted from a distance and it's the kind of image that really appeals to me.  As with the BALTIC presentations, each to their own... :-D

Vibrant colours in strong direct sun, I just got lucky... again.. with the woman about to come in to view.

Pink Flip Flops.

Job done.  The work is now complete on the Prebends ridge, near Durham Cathedral... almost all the barriers have been removed by the contractors.

And the final shot of the day.  A scene I really liked when I spotted it.  The sun fades across the stonework, table and chairs and a bike leaning against the railings... cafe society with an almost Parisian feel to the setting... in my head anyway.

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