Dale and Gemma pre wedding photo session

Dale and Gemma's pre-wedding photo session.  I really like the winter sun, it's low in the sky and offers a challenge and opportunity to try something a little different. 

Shooting in to the sun causes the camera all kinds of problems for exposure, though if you tweak your settings it offers the chance to create in camera something that is normally created with hours of editing at a computer. I prefer the real thing myself, not easy, and certainly not something I'd be able to get on auto :-)

I really like high contrast photos, while we were wandering along taking photos I noticed a young family walking on a patch of wet sand that was back lit by the sun. I could see the colours and detail, as our eyes have evolved to cope with this, the camera sensor is just not evolved to anywhere near the level.... as good as they are, they are still primitive. However, I knew I could create this image.. in a style I really like, with just a few quick changes to my camera.


Back to Dale and Gemma.... very relaxed and I think that shows in the photos, a few very simple poses.. if poses at all, as I just ask them to be themselves, stand together or lean on each other.. you can see as the photos progress just how much, even, more relaxed they become.


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