Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta - First looks

I've just downloaded the LR4 beta from Adobe and had a quick 15 mins play with it.... is it worth an upgrade to the already quite brilliant LR3?

Well 15 mins may be too soon to say, for some... but, not for me where do I sign!

I quickly breezed through the modules:

Library: the Recovery arrows have gone and been replaced by Highlights, Shadows, Blacks & Whites..

Develop: as in the library you have more control over the Highlights and Shadow, Blacks & Whites.. a little counter intuitively, for me anyway, to make the image darker you slide the shadows & blacks in to the negative... to make them lighter + But much more control than the superb as it was Recover slider.

The included LR presets have been grouped in to manageable collections rather than one long list, Very Good.

Another big improvement is the brush... you can now selectively brush in or out: shadows, sharpness, noise, moire' in addition to those already there in LR3.

MAP: ...   highlight your photo or group of photos, you can also select photos by location including GPS.

BOOK: is will save loads of time, a range of templates for the very popular Blurb publishing..

Sideshow: not a module I've used much in the past, it's a bit too basic for me, I want animation or at least a more dramatic viewing experience: fades & overlays etc.

Print: still very good though not seeing a huge improvement in features

WEB: still very, very useful with 5 default layouts... the ability to add 3rd party tools is still it's best feature. 

You can download your copy from the Adobe site via this linkAdobe LR 4 Beta

A certain upgrade for me.... right back to a little play and some work, I've one wedding album to complete from 2011.
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