Wedding photos, what is in the edit?

"fully edited images included on DVD"

It's quite clear that people have different ideas of what things mean.  People can both say the same thing, yet take it to mean something very different.  It can lead to, at best, a misunderstanding; at worst a big disappointment.

My Digitally I Do: photos on a disc package, you will receive all your best images lightly edited and ready to print at high resolution.  Like the first image below: colours, exposure, contrast and white balance all checked. 

The second image is what I consider to be fully edited.  When I take a photo I very often see in my mind more than the scene as it is.  This setting at Wynyard Hall is one of my favourites and lends itself to rich black and white tones. 

I just asked the bride to sit on the seat, she talked and joked with friends as we waited for the groom to arrive.  All very natural and not over posed.  You can see, and I hope appreciate, the time I've taken to remove distractions and to style the digital image in to something much more than the photo as it was captured. 

The image above took me about 2 hours to create.  To do, just the light edits, of your images will take between 5-10 hours to complete.  This is often longer than the wedding photography itself.  

I understand you want to print, share and use your wedding photos on the web. I provide you a license, not copyright, for you to do this. 

My album inclusive services are where your fully edited wedding photos are presented, at their best, in professionally printed albums, canvases, framed prints and other media.

There is far more than just the removal of the lamp from the images immediately above and below.  I could have framed the scene with the lamp removed.  I felt the strong lines added to the setting and left it in knowing I'd edit the lamp for the album photo.

I want to ensure my hard work is presented in a way fitting the dedication I've invested in your wedding photos.  I create a gallery of your images online, which you can share with family and friends, I provide big discounts on a range of prints, canvases, acrylics and more presentation options.  All processed by a leading UK photographic lab.

My wedding photographs are available to view on a range of presentation options.  Arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements and you can see for yourself the quality of each. 

So when you see 'fully edited images included on DVD' remember to some photographers, fully edited, does not mean the same as mine or other professional: full-time, photographers.... 'fully edited'

my main website is: www.paulempson.co.uk 
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