Lifestyle Family Portraits in natural light.

A few portrait photos from a recent lifestyle portrait session.  I find location based portraits help, especially children, to relax and just have fun.... which helps create expressive photos, I hope.

The first two photos I feel demonstrates just how colour can reduce the impact of an image or conversely, how Black & White can emphasise the subject.  Other than convert to B&W and work on the tone curve.. and a few other little tweaks... the images are identical.  While the autumn colours are great, the B&W image really snaps your eye to what is important in the photo... the little lad laughing & having big fun!

This next image, for me, works just as well in either B&W or colour, possibly because there is little colour in the colour image: red & blue are strong in two areas of the photo, the rest of the image is very neutral.

Though I have some ideas in mind before I start a session I prefer to let the events happen and try to anticipate as much as I can: keeping it natural, real & fun.  The first image I had in idea for at the start, though the bike was a big bonus and adds to the look.

The second image below, was just a complete fluke.  The ducks waddled along behind us, I turned and he just crawled towards them, perfect.

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