Emma and Michaels wedding at Croft & Headlam Hall

Emma & Michael's wedding at St Peters in Croft, a brilliantly sunny day.  Emma's bridesmaids arrived in a fantastic VW camper van: Chaz, provided by www.lovedubcars.co.uk Emma arrived, in Mr Bennett, a classic VW Beetle Karman Cabriolet.

The grounds at Headlam are just about the best kept of any venue I've photographed weddings at.  A little soft under foot as we'd had 4 days of solid rain though Emma was not put off by that. 

They were both just so relaxed as we strolled around Headlams grounds for a few photos, possibly because we'd done their pre-wedding photo session at Headlam they knew what to expect and breezed through the photos with real natural expressions and few poses.  I just asked them to be themselves while I wandered around at a distance to capture their images.


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