Paul and Catherines wedding, Evenwood & Walworth Castle

My last wedding in October, Paul and Catherine's wedding in Co Durham and reception at Walworth Castle, just outside Darlington.

Another very relaxed and stress free, well that's how it seemed to me, wedding.  Icy chill in the strong wind had everyone heading inside, though in the sun it was warm. 

The day started with some candid bride preparation photos.  If the light is good enough I find it's always best to use natural light, especially for the bride prep' photos.  Nothing gives the game away like a big flash.  Bride and bridesmaids would be on edge and the natural expressions would be lost.

Paul and Catherine braved the wind, I did find them a spot away from the worst of it for a few of their photos then a few inside the castle itself.

A few photos from Paul and Catherine's wedding.

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Emma and Michaels wedding at Croft & Headlam Hall

Emma & Michael's wedding at St Peters in Croft, a brilliantly sunny day.  Emma's bridesmaids arrived in a fantastic VW camper van: Chaz, provided by www.lovedubcars.co.uk Emma arrived, in Mr Bennett, a classic VW Beetle Karman Cabriolet.

The grounds at Headlam are just about the best kept of any venue I've photographed weddings at.  A little soft under foot as we'd had 4 days of solid rain though Emma was not put off by that. 

They were both just so relaxed as we strolled around Headlams grounds for a few photos, possibly because we'd done their pre-wedding photo session at Headlam they knew what to expect and breezed through the photos with real natural expressions and few poses.  I just asked them to be themselves while I wandered around at a distance to capture their images.


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Eric & Jo's wedding, Tocketts Mill

Eric & Jo's wedding in Moorsholm, earlier in October.... a busy month October.  Could have been a summer wedding as, again, it rained though not a problem for those that are prepared.

They exited the church to one of the biggest confetti drenchings ever, then headed back to the farm for some photos, wellies at the ready.

After a gentle stroll around the farm for a few little candids & posed photos it was off to the reception at Tocketts Mill, where the food smelled & looked fantastic... and the bar was well attended too.

A few photos from the day.


Wedding Industry Awards 2012

I've never entered this type of event before.... however I have this year. 

If you had your wedding this year: Oct 2010 to Oct 2011 were please, or hopefully over the honeymoon with both the service & photographs I provided you may, I'd be grateful if you did, vote for me via the link & clicking a button.

The Wedding Industry Awards 2012




Photography - inspiration or not so much.

A link to some superb images... and some I don't like as much as the others, but isn't that just the thing with photography, photos &, to a far wider extent, life.... what one person sees as pleasing another finds... not so much..

Getty Images... a little inspiration or not so much, you decide

While wedding, event & portrait photography are what pays for my car to be fixed, new photography equipment & keeping a roof over my head, it's also something I enjoy.  I try to be creative, within the realms of what drives & motivates me & I also try to feel the vision of the clients that hire me for assignments & see things through their eyes too.

Here are just a small selection of Images I've taken that I really like.  Sports, portraits, weddings, performance events & natural landscape type photos too.  All offer a different experience and require their own approach both technical & aesthetic.

I just really really like this one.  Loads of contrast & I really like the stance & the curve of the beach. Once very cold early spring morning at South Gare.  I was well wrapped up, it's a good job she liked running :-)

I like photos, especially taking photos, when the person, regardless of how little they are... just shows their own personality... what is he doing?

Sometimes I even get out of bed at stupid o'clock in the morning & drive hundreds of miles... on the off chance I may be able to get a photo... like the image above.  I knew the conditions would be good so off I went up to Bambrugh Castle & waited for the sun to come up.

Other times, I just get lucky.... I didn't check the huts were still there, didn't know the tide was high & the sun just came through the clouds brilliantly.... sunny Whitby very early one morning.

Positioned myself to get a strong contrast & knew I'd be pushing the contrasts post process to create the image I'd imagined in my head.  It didn't need much work, get it right in camera as much as you can, but I knew it would be black & white for the effect I wanted.  Stockton, near the Tees barrage white water course.

Wedding photography is great, I really enjoy the pressure: no second chances, and trying to be creative within an ever changing time limit.... you just don't keep the meal waiting!  It's not just the single photo, it's how they will combine in an album.  Seeing one images & knowing how you'll present it with another to create an effect.

Sometimes a little twist adds a fresh perspective, again, I'd taken the background image.. which worked great by itself & took the backs to the camera shot with this combination in mind.

After gazing at dad.... the little head turned and... click. Sometimes you just get lucky! be prepared!

Other times, you've watched the rehearsals... seen where the lights go & where the performers go & can position yourself, without disturbing the paying audience, to capture the moment.  Darlington Arts Academy's Viva Las Vegas performance,  I just liked the energy & red, black & white contrasts.  Camera set to manual and no flash photography.

I look for strong contrasts & love black & whites, so they are often reflected in my photographs.  I enjoy watching and anticipating, sometimes I get it right & sometimes I get to try again ;-) s


Wedding Show - Sunday 16th October 2011 - 12:00-16:00, MFC Riverside Stadium

I'll be exhibiting at the Diamond Events organised wedding show this Sunday 16th October to be held at Middlesbrough FC's Riverside Stadium between 12:00 & 16:00.  It's FREE admission with a host of other FREE promotions.

I'll be bringing some new albums which I'm just so impressed with, I like the photos, though it's the quality of the album: Jorgensen & SIM2000 that I'm even more impressed with.


Kate and Nicky's Wynyard Hall Wedding

A perfect day for Kate and Nicky's wedding, the first day of October & it was red hot again, champagne in the sunshine relaxing on the terrace early in to the evening before the laughter and fun of the evening reception. 

A service in Wynyards chapel followed by drinks on the laws and a gentle stroll around the grounds for some photos.  The harsh direct sun is both a problem & an opportunity.  The opportunity to use the autumn colours, leafy backdrops for their photos the problem... keeping harsh contrasts to a minimum & exposure under control.

The X factor was certainly present in heaps with the talented family & friends keeping everyone entertained: magic, music & dance.

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