Solberge Hall Wedding, Mark & Lyndsey

Mark & Lyndsey's wedding at Solberge Hall.  A selection of images from the wedding day.  100 more images are available to view & order via the link below. 
The 2 timings I never want photography to disrupt are the ceremony & the meal.  The schedule was tight for the meal though we changed the planned order upon Mark & Lyndsey's arrival, they beat some of the guests.  In my mind I had planned to photograph the shot outside Solberge, leaning against the columns, in daylight however that couldn't be so we managed the bonus of using some flash to create a more dramatic look.
I like the blue of the sky & the warm orangey colour of the columns so much, though I created a moody black and white, I prefer the colour photo below.

There is often much debate about technical v aesthetic aspects of photography: can a technically bad photo be a good photo.... well, the shot 6, to some has a technical flaw... to me it was exactly the look I was trying to achieve, a misty, warm, over exposed with lens flare for some drama.

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