Grinkle Park Wedding Event - Sunday 29th Jan - 12:00-15:00

A fabulous venue in the middle of the North Yorkshire moors national park, between Guisborough & Whitby.  One of my first ever weddings was at this venue, a summer wedding and the grounds & lawns, as ever, looked fabulous.

I particularly like autumnal weddings here as the trees provide a carpet of gold to walk through.  The plants allow numerous framing opportunities though that's just me starting to get a little photo geeky.

A few images from some of my Grinkle Park weddings in the video slideshow above.

I hope to see you there on Sunday, pop over and have a chat about your wedding plans.


Gisborough Hall Wedding Show - Sunday 22nd Jan - 12:00-15:00

Gisborough Hall Wedding Show - Sunday 22nd Jan - 12:00-15:00

Have a pop along and a a little chat about your wedding plans, view a superb venue & wide range top wedding suppliers.. including yours truly.. I'll be the one with the well lit stand..


Crathorne Hall Wedding Photo Video

2017.. already & my first wedding fair of the year at the very splendid Crathorne Hall.. this Sunday 8th January - 13:00-16:00

Video slideshow below is from an autumn wedding, my favourite time of year, for colours.. if the weather plays ball.. it did this day.


Whitby Goth Weekend Novermber 2016 - Friday 4th.

A few photos from a bimble about Whitby on the Goth Weekend, these were taken on Friday 4th.  I kinda snuck in on other people photos and hijacked their poses or and the ones I liked best, took a photo without any posing: a natural, real moment as it happened.

Two superbly presented & much in demand young festival goers...

Window shopping

Walk & grab as I went past... loving the detail

The dandiest highway woman of them all, super outfit & fabulous look, stood & delivered.

Just loved the look of these two, profile & portrait.

This chap was head & shoulders above everyone else... and half a street away... my tiny Olympus Stylus s1 is awesome for candid street photos, small as your mobile but with 28-600 zoom.. & excellent image stabilisation.

Cobbled road, check, excellent backlight, check.. all I needed was the random people to clear off - and two festival goers to enter the scene... my Jedi powers grow stronger, awesome!

Even Goths & Steam Punks drink tea

My two faves of the day, just spectacular... and later, as I was wolfing my fish & chips in the restaurant.. they beckoned a young lad & his sister.. who were gawping at them from behind the window to come & have their photo taken with them.... it was the last time the children were ever seen... nah.. their dad captured it on his mobile and the grins on the kids faces was beaming.

Two stupendously dressed and massively in demand festival goers...

Whitby panoramic off my mobile..

Sun & weather in general was super all day

Summer passes through the swing bridge


40's style pre-wedding shoot.... Caroline & Mick,

A PWS with a difference today.... 40's style and where better to shoot it than at the WWII weekend in Pickering... well, a sunny, or at least dry Pickering would have been nice however you can't plan the weather, just play with the puddles, raindrops & search for sheltered areas..

A few impromptu shots with unsuspecting extras... for a little fun..

double window diffused and a few raindrops too.

Autumnal colours & a nice glance.
best props around.




Location portraits.. more feeling than studio shoots I think.

I have a portable backdrop to create the studio portrait style look however, I much prefer a location and natural light, sometimes mixed with a little flash, to create a more engaging image.
This set was a session I arranged with a model to test some new kit, a couple of super portrait lenses that help me to create a striking image.
Only one of these images went in to photoshop, & that was to remove a stray hair that really caught the sunlight.  Other than the normal exposure, colour balance & sharpening they are pretty much as I created them in the camera.